Our top 9 most frequently asked questions...

1) Q: How far ahead should I call?                           

A: Call between 2hrs and 24hrs ahead.         

2) Q: How much is a taxi per mile?                          

A: $2.00 per mile.                                             

3) Q: What license do your taxis have?                   

A: Public Passanger Chauffeurs License.       

4) Q: How many passengers can fit?                       

A: Up to four passengers per taxi cab.         

5) Q: Do you have van taxi cabs?                            

A: No, we do not have van taxi cabs.            

6) Q: Do you provide child seats?                          

A: No, we do not provide child seats.          

7) Q: Do golf clubs fit in your taxi cabs?               

A: Yes, we can fit golf clubs all day.             

8) Q: Do extra bags cost extra?                             

A: No, there is no extra charge.                  

9) Q: Do you charge per passanger?                    

A: No, we charge per taxi load                    

Taxi cab service to the Indianapolis airport!